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Get to Know Us

Split Rock was started by friends who had a shared desire to bring a West Coast style beer garden that are  popular in places like San Francisco and the PNW to the South Shore. The idea was to have an outdoor, seasonal beer garden that would feature the best local beers and seafood from New England and beyond-in a family-friendly atmosphere. After working meticulously on this idea for 2 years, their vision came to life in April, 2023 when Split Rock opened for its inaugural season. 


The Venue

What started out as an unused parking lot behind a commercial building, the lot at 12 Parking Way was transformed into a little beer garden oasis, flanked by flower boxes and under a canopy of twinkling bistro lights. The venue is centered around a custom- built shipping container that had every inch carefully planned and optimized. The container even has 3 fully plumbed in restrooms. 

Live music can be enjoyed very Thursday and Sunday from the corner stage where, when not being used for music, serves as a great place for kids to play Jenga or Connect4.

For the chillier days and nights, patrons can enjoy our hand built fire pit or sit comfortably under one of our many heat lamps. 

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