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This month was a long year

Someone said that the other day and it really feels accurate. Between the huge storm that swept through town and the subsequent power outage, kids in and out of daycare due to illnesses or COVID quarantines, and of course the long Thanksgiving weekend-- it has been a crazy month. BUT through it all we do have some exciting developments. We've made some great progress in a few different areas over the past several weeks.

Our Partners- Probably our biggest announcement is that we have officially partnered with Denarius Trading Co. to have them fully run our raw bar. They will leverage their skills and expertise of the industry and be able to bring fresh (literally the freshest seafood with their amazing location right off the Boston Fish Pier) to Cohasset. They have started curating a menu that includes lots of items beyond just Oysters. More to come but there will probably be a chance to try out some of their offerings around town soon prior to our launch...

Our brand- We are getting a major facelift to our entire brand. While we love our current look, we have solicited some help from our friends at Proportion marketing to help us create a new logo and brand theme that represents our vision and is in line with our strategic partners, Denarius Trading Co. Think fun, summer vibes with a South Shore, down- to Earth feel.

Our Container Bar- We've started the design work on our container bar and let's just say... it's going to be really, really cool. Can't wait to share the visuals soon.

Our lot- Officially got a great landscape designer on board and he has created a beer garden/ oyster bar oasis. Hydrangea, cobblestone boarder, big planters, rows of Emerald Green Arborvitaes, fire pits, twinkle lights, kids play space...

Our second site plan review- Also getting everything in line for our second site plan review this week. We'll send an update afterwards but anticipate it to go well.

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