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So Close..

We are in the permit phase of this venture but there is light at the end of the tunnel... and we couldn't be more excited. On January 5th we had our final meeting with the planning commission and got our site plan approved, a huge step forward in making Split Rock a reality. We also just got confirmation that our building permit has been approved. Because we are hooking into the sewer line (we will have built in, full-blown restrooms...) we have to gain alignment the sewer commission around what the appropriate privilege and connection fee cost will be. We are on track to have that resolved during our next sewer commission meeting on February 1st. Later that night (big day, guys) is our Selectmen meeting where our liquor license application will be reviewed.

In non-permit news, our brand look is complete! Our container has started construction! And we are plugging away on all the details that will make this beer garden and oyster bar a reality.

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