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BUT FIRST...a site plan..

We spoke with town hall today and their recommendation is to have our site plan reviewed and approved prior to the liquor license selectmen meeting. There are a lot of details that the site plan will cover off on (visible utilities, tree lines, existing septic system, topography, zoning setbacks and other details pertinent to the design of the site) and having all of this info should be beneficial so that there are no open questions around our plans for the lot. This will allow us to have all of our ducks in a row instead of having to speculate or make assumptions around what is possible for the site. We'd rather go into the liquor license meeting with as much information and answers as possible and having a site plan approved will help us do that. All that being said, the original October 19th date for the liquor license meeting will be delayed. We are hopeful the delay will only be a few weeks but will keep everyone posted...

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